Native Flags at Verge Art Fair (2008)

ecoartspace presents Cortada’s
Native Flags at Verge Art Fair

As the Arctic sea ice melts, nations clamor to raise their flags over newly open waters to claim the natural resources that lie beneath them – oil, manganese, diamonds, fish – and to control shipping lanes. Meanwhile, rising sea levels threaten the world below.

On June 29th, 2008, Miami artist Xavier Cortada arrived at the North Pole and planted a green flag to “reclaim it for nature.”

Cortada created this NYFA sponsored artist project to engage people globally to help slow the polar thaw: Participants plant a native tree next to a green flag at home and ask their neighbors to do the same.

Reforestation reduces the greenhouse gases that cause global climate change. During December 3-6, 2009, ecoartspace is presenting Native Flags at the Verge Art Fair in Miami Beach, Florida.

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Richard Feigen, Richard L. Feigen & Co.
Carrie Springer, Curator
Dan Cameron, Founder and Artistic Director of Prospect New Orleans and Director of Visual Art, Center for Contemporary Arts (CAC), New Orleans
James Yood, Critic, Artforum International
Beth Rudin Dewoody, Collector
Samuel Messer, Associate Dean, Yale School of Art and Director, Yale Summer School of Music and Art in Norfolk
Edouard Steinhauer, Artistic Director, Verge

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