World Bank Mural About

Xavier Cortada
and Children of World Bank Staff


Dreaming of a World Free of Poverty, 2003
Mixed media on canvas
The World Bank Art Collection


The mural recently installed in the “I” building lobby was created during the World Bank’s 2003 Kids to Work Day. A program organized by the Bank’s Art Program brought children of World Bank staff together with Miami-based artist Xavier Cortada to work on individual messages about their thoughts on the Bank’s Dream of a World Free of Poverty. Many children of different ages, and some interested parents, were invited to express their thoughts using a variety of art supplies by making some form of artwork under the guidance of the artist.

The collaborative artwork represents the children’s expressions which will remain a source of pride, pleasure, and inspiration for members of the Bank’s family and visitors for many years.

Some examples of the children’s thoughts in the mural:

“A world without poverty is like Paradise.”

“Peace is something you can’t see, hear or taste, but
it is still the best feeling in the world.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if weapons of mass destruction were filled with laughing gas instead of mustard gas?”

“Our reality now:
No poverty
Enough resources
and most importantly Peace and Love”

“Dream Big: Without Poverty you can Dream!!!”

“People are coming back from work because you got a world free of Poverty.”

“World Map: No poor countries, All rich peaceful countries”

“No poverty, No racism, No prejudice, No discrimination”

“Change the World with a simple Dream, neither Big or Small; just one little dream can change the world!!!”

“Make this world Free”

“World Peace, No Poverty, No Contamination.”

“Education brings opportunities”

“A Dream World:
No poverty
No violence
No racism”

“A world free of Poverty …
a world full of Love.
a world free of Violence.
a world full of Hope
a world free of crimes
and most of all a world filled with Dreams.”

The World Bank Art Program