Residual Fountain of Youth


The “prime”exhibit explores our concern with aging– and asks attendees to share their insights. Specifically, those attending the opening reception are asked to bring items they have used to stay “in their prime”. Those items will be incorporated into the “Residual Fountain of Youth”, an art installation being created onsite that evening.

On October 12th, about a month after the artist’s 37th birthday (when the exhibit was originally scheduled), we are coming together to explore things that keep us in our prime. It’s a timeless pursuit: Ponce de Leon thought the Fountain of Youth was in Bimini, or somewhere near St. Augustine, where he landed on Easter 1513.

You can actually find the elusive Fountain here in Miami– it’s in across the street from the Brickell Metrorail Station (in Cortada’s studio). Like all good things, the studio is hard to find –please click here for Map to find your way to the Residual Fountain of Youth.

We’re actually building the “Residual Fountain of Youth” that night. You can help build this interactive art piece when you come on October 12th– just bring some item you have used to keep you in your prime.

This can include anything from an empty bottle to Rogaine to a picture of your new mid-life crisis model sports car. It could be a hair bottle Grecian hair formula or the used cotton balls you use to apply your anti-wrinkle cream. It could be a description of a hobby or ritual you engage in daily, the dried flowers that you placed on your dining room table, or a memento of someone special who keeps you in your prime (see other items in the Residue Gallery or in the artist’s statement).

Those items will be incorporated into an installation sculpture, “The Residual Fountain of Youth.” Video installations created with Bill Billowit.