National Drunk Driving Victims’ Mural

Xavier Cortada was assisted by his brother Pablo (left) in adding victims’ photos and messages.

The MADD National Victims Mural was created during the National Leadership Conference.

A life-sized photo replica of the National Victims mural travels  across the country.

In September 1998, Cortada was invited to attend the MADD National Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas. Cortada helped drunk driving victims from across the nation use written messages, pictures and poetry to express themselves to create the first National Drunk Driving Victims’ Mural. The mural dedicated at the Conference’s end served:

  • as a memorial to honor all those who have been killed by drunk drivers,
  • as an educational vehicle touring America to teach others about the dangers of drunk driving, and
  • as an art piece to document the tragedy that occurred during this century for future generations.