Community U

Xavier Cortada (and Community U participants at De Pauw University),
“COMMUNITY U Mural,” Mixed media on canvas, 8 feet by 6 feet, (Summer 1997).

Governor's Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana

This Mural represents a collage of the hopes, thoughts and goals held by drug-free and safety advocates in Indiana.
It was created by youth at the 1997 Community U conference under the guidance of community artist Xavier Cortada.

“Thank you very much for your participation in the Community U conference. Your creativity and passion and ability to articulate and motivate were all key to making this piece a success.

Truly, the mural and its creation process became a thread interwoven throughout the conference to create community –gathering all participants together and lifting them up for the trip–and the work–back home.

Thank you very much.

My regards,

Lillian Henegar, Executive Director

Governor’s Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana