Adam Roberti, director of Cortada Projects, engages community members in addressing sea-level rise and saltwater intrusion in South Florida.

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Everyone living in Miami-Dade County should be extremely concerned about a future characterized by sea-level rise, saltwater intrusion, and intensified hurricanes. 

To have our community effectively plan for the inevitable consequences of climate change, we are utilizing the power of art. Our county-wide Plan(T) project has already facilitated thousands of climate conversations and has planted salt-tolerant mangroves at every corner of Miami-Dade County. From installations in every single public library branch, to local schools, to the Frost Science Museum, our team has worked tirelessly to reach audiences who are both vulnerable and unaware.

To help us create a scientifically-literate community and plant the future salt-tolerant tree canopy of Miami-Dade, please consider supporting Cortada Projects by making a tax-deductible donation through the NYFA, purchasing a Cortada print (100% of proceeds benefit our community projects), or signing up for our monthly newsletter!

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