#UnderwaterHOA Press Release: January 9, 2019  

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FLORIDA Conservation Voters
Press Release

Miami, FL – Xavier Cortada , a National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Program fellow, FCV Education Fund, and LCV Education Fund’s Rock the Earth are joining forces this evening to launch “Underwater HOA,” a participatory art project in Miami. The project is designed to make sea level rise visible by placing Underwater Markers, created by the Miami-based artist, in the front yards of homes in Miami-Dade County. The project is focused on sparking conversation between neighbors on the threats of climate change and encouraging grassroots action to build a more resilient community.

Using glacial ice and sediment from Antarctica, Cortada created a Global Coastline Series of 60 “ice paintings’ after a trip to the continent in 2007. He’s since incorporated those pieces as the backdrop of the Underwater Markers bringing the ice to homes across Miami.

“By mapping the impending crisis, I make the invisible visible,” said Cortada. “Block by block, house by house, neighbor by neighbor, I want to make the future impact of sea level rise something impossible to ignore.” 
During Art Basel Miami Beach, Cortada, LCV Education Fund’s Rock the Earth, and FCV Education Fund encouraged citizens across Miami-Dade County to join the Underwater Homeowners Association and place Underwater Markers in their front yards. They are now hosting the inaugural community meeting to discuss sea level rise and unveil the project Wednesday, January 9 at 7 pm. The Underwater Markers are numbered from 0 to 17 (the elevation range across Miami-Dade) to depict how many feet of melting glacial water needs to rise before the property is under water.

During the community meeting, guests will learn how to map the elevation of their own homes using a web application that helps predict sea-level rise, hear from scientists, and hold a discussion on community actions needed to build more resilient communities.

“When it comes to the climate crisis, we have to do whatever it takes to enact change and I can’t think of a more inspiring way to do that than through art,” said Aliki Moncrief, Executive Director of Florida Conservation Voters Education Fund. “Xavier Cortada’s art is a beautiful and poignant way to strike up conversation about sea level rise and climate change, and gives communities a unique opportunity to make a statement and demand action.”

Scientists warn sea level rise around the globe is accelerating, mainly due to melting ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland, and that the world’s oceans on average will be at least two feet higher by the end of the century compared to today, according to data published in the scientific journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

“Climate change should not be a political or partisan issue — it’s happening now and relevant to everyone,” said Maggie Bruns, Program Director of the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund’s Rock the Earth. “We are so excited to partner with an artist like Cortada, because we know art and music can bring people together as a community and create space for grassroots action to prepare for the impacts of climate change.”
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For Immediate Release: January 9, 2019

Contact: Olivia Nedd, South Florida Lead Organizer, olivia@fcvoters.org , or 561-506-4232

Twitter: @fcvoters

TODAY: Acclaimed Environmental Artist Xavier Cortada to Debut New Interactive Project Calling for Action on Climate Change “Underwater HOA” brings together Pinecrest residents along with environmental groups Florida Conservation Voters Education Fund the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund’s Rock the Earth to mobilize communities to make climate change and rising sea levels visible to all.

WHAT: Acclaimed Environmental Artist Xavier Cortada, Florida Conservation Voters, and League of COnservation Voters Education Fund’s Rock the Earth unveil interactive project calling for action on climate change.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 9, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Hibiscus Gallery located in Pinecrest Gardens, 11000 Red Road, Pinecrest, FL. 33156

RSVP: Olivia Nedd, FCV Education Fund, olivia@fcvoters.org

To learn more about the Underwater HOA project, visit www.underwaterhoa.org .

For updates, also follow @UnderwaterHOA on social media and use the hashtag #MiamiUnderwaterHOA.

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Florida Conservation Voters Education Fund is a non-profit 501c3 committed to protecting Florida’s environment and public health by enhancing the capacity of the conservation community, and educating citizens and policymakers. Learn more at www.fcvedfund.org


Rock the Earth believes artists and musicians are especially equipped to reach people at their core, crossing cultural and political divides that threaten our planet. Through music and art, Rock the Earth strives to engage youth and communities disproportionately impacted by environmental injustices to mobilize for change. Rock the Earth became a program of the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund in 2017.


Xavier Cortada is a leading environmental artist, collaborator of the McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) project in Antarctica, and was one of 12 artists recently featured on climate change in the New York Times . Additionally, Cortada was just named chairman of the Miami-Dade County Cultural Arts Council. The Miami-based artist’s studio is located at Pinecrest Gardens, where he serves as artist-in-residence, implements his participatory art projects and oversees the Hibiscus Gallery.