Littoral Creatures: Pancho’s Wake

& Closing Reception for “Littoral Creatures”

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1476129_10153389286243797_2387652691446514060_nPhoto credit: ALEXIA FODERE/FOR THE MIAMI HERALD


This event is free and open to the public


When: Wednesday, October 29th, 5:30pm -7:30pm
Where: Biscayne Nature Preserve Gallery
6767 Crandon Park Drive
2nd Floor | Gallery
Key Biscayne, Florida 33149
United States
Presenter: Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center Crandon Park
Contact: Theodora Long, Executive Director, Biscayne Nature Center
Phone: 305 361-6767 x 111

1483440_10153389295173797_4001386798387132382_nPhoto credit: ALEXIA FODERE/FOR THE MIAMI HERALD

Crocodile Tears: A Wake Zone to Celebrate the Life of Pancho

Unveiling: Pancho’s portrait
Eulogy: Presentation of Pancho’s urn
Ofertas: Offerings made by FIU Biology Graduate Students Association members
Burial: Ritual at the water’s edge
Performers: Freddy Stebbins, Maria de los Angeles
Music: Jose Villanova, tenor
Biology Students: Jason Howard, Victoria Suarez, Emily Brantner

10365745_10153389292353797_5411167423615203657_nPhoto credit: ALEXIA FODERE/FOR THE MIAMI HERALD

Pancho, the American crocodile “who” died on August 29th, 2014 after being trapped at his home (Gables by the Sea) and buried in an undisclosed location will finally receive a proper public wake and burial.

On the three month anniversary of Pancho’s death, FIU College of Architecture + The Arts artist-in-residence Xavier Cortada invites you to join him at Biscayne Nature Center to a “celebration of life” for the deceased crocodile: The evening will include the unveiling of Pancho’s portrait, a eulogy, offerings made by biology graduate students (including research about and/or suggestions on how best to coexist with nature) and a proper burial at the water’s edge.  To RSVP please visit our Facebook event page (

Pancho is survived by a host of littoral creatures that struggle to survive on Biscayne Bay.

In lieu of flowers, please make contributions to the ecology of the bay.

Pancho’s Wake will coincide with the closing reception for Cortada’s “Littoral Creatures,” aimed at raising awareness and generating decoctions (see minute 3:30 on video below) to protect BiscayneBay and its sea grasses. See

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