80.15W: Limited-Edition Prints

Titled for Biscayne Bay’s longitude, “80.15 W” features the 17 threatened and endangered species that call Biscayne National Park home. Cortada created the drawings on carbon paper, a metaphor for the impact (or “carbon footprint”) that humans have had on that animal, even across the boundaries of protected nature preserves.

"80.15 W" Digital Print
80.15W: American Alligator
80.15 W: American Crocodile
80.15 W: Eastern Indigo Snake
80.15 W: Staghorn Coral
80.15 W: Green Sea Turtle
80.15 W: Hawkbill Sea Turtle
80.15 W: Key Largo Cotton Mouse
80.15 W: Key Largo Woodrat
80.15 W: Least Tern
80.15 W: Loggerhead Sea Turtle
80.15 W: Piping Plover
80.15 W: Roseate Tern
80.15 W: Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly
80.15 W: Smalltooth Sawfish
80.15 W: Elkhorn Coral
80.15 W: West Indian Manatee
80.15 W: Wood Stork