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Plaza: Amarilla | Roja | Azul | Allapattah

Placemaking was an important goal in this work. The plazas are part of a linear park where the art established places to sit, socialize and enjoy the natural character of the park.

Created in a park near an old Seminole trading post on the Miami River in the neighborhood of Allapattah, one of the pieces recalls the Alligators (Allapattah) after which the place was named. Place names, and the Place captured by the act of naming, is a key to history and continuity.

Materiality and texture are vital parts of the expression of this piece. Glass mosaic and ceramic tile that are hand painted and glazed are used to create a texture as exuberant and complex as the natural world the piece celebrates. The play of light, the movement of water and the gestural quality of the piece evoke natural processes, rhythm, movement, spontaneity and expressiveness.