Convictim: Media

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Media Coverage

The Art of Redemption: Miami lawyer finds creative ways into hearts of juveniles consigned to adult court system. By Maya Bell, Miami Bureau. Published in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, February 6, 2002. Artist Expresses Plight of Boys in a Man’s Jail: He Speaks Out Against the Law that allows Juvenile Offenders to be Charged as Adults. By Maya Bell. Published in the Orlando Sentinel, February 2, 2002. Photographs of children in jail cells a sad sight. By Carolyn Salazar. Published in The Miami Herald, February 2, 2002. Tribute. Photo by Richard Patterson. Published in The Miami Herald, December 29, 2001.

Press Releases

PRESS CONFERENCE RELATING TO JUVENILES IN ADULT JAILS, January 30, 2002. ARTCARE: Art Project for Juvenile Offenders In Adult Jails (EXHIBITION OPENING FEBRUARY 1, 2002, 6-10pm), January 15, 2002. ARTIST WORKING TODAY ON MURAL MEMORIALIZING YOUTH HANGED IN JAIL CELL, December 28, 2001. ARTCARE: Art Project for Juvenile Offenders Being Tried As Adults Underway, November 15, 2001.