Cortada Studio | Art Gallery

Bird Road Arts District
4664 SW 75th Avenue
Miami, FL 33155

Hours by appointment: 305-858-1323

Since 2011, Xavier Cortada has based his engaged art-science practice at Florida International University.
He serves as Artist-in-Residence at FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society (SEAS), the FIU College of Arts, Science and Education (CASE),
and the FIU College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA).

To contact the artist directly, please email:

To buy a print click here | To license works reach out to Bridgeman Art Library

For more information contact the artist:

Xavier Cortada

email: phone: (305) 858-1323

Ceramic Studio

Cortada's ceramic studio is located in the Bird Road Art District. To schedule a visit, please contact the artist. 4664 SW 75 Avenue

Miami, FL 33155

Note: This is not a mailing address. Please contact artist for his mailing address.