Florida Botanical Gardens: About

Garden’s digital paintings reference eco-art campaign
The one of a kind digital paintings at the Florida Botanical Gardens were created by artist Xavier Cortada to celebrate the planting of 750 native trees in Pinellas County through the Reclamation Project (a public art project commissioned by the Public Art and Design Program of thePinellas County Cultural Affairs Department). The works highlights the six native species featured in the eco-art effort’s urban reforestation campaign.
Growing our Native Canopy 1 (Bald Cypress, Red Cedar, Slash Pine)
Growing our Native Canopy 2 (Green Buttonwood, Red Maple, Seagrape)
During 2009, participating residents were asked to plant a native tree alongside the green project flag in their front yard and state: “I hereby reclaim this land for nature.” The project’s conspicuous green flags served as a catalyst for conversations with neighbors, who were encouraged to join the effort and help rebuild their native tree canopy one yard at a time. See www.reclamationproject.net.